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Is it really just an erotic game?

Erotic live chat works on a very simple and verified basis. It’s been around for a while, but its popularity grows each year. The explanation is simple. It’s a very attractive source of income for women and an extremely accessible entertainment for men.

Live chat transmits video and sound live. It is not very different from most communication apps we use for regular chat. The main difference is in the content. As soon as you turn on the camera, your task is to arouse the male watchers, who long to see a sexy woman. Dance, flirt and invite them to your private show. It’s up to you to catch the eye of your watchers and to convince them to pay to see you in private.

A private show turns the live chat into a place, which usually has only one watcher. The member pays for his time with you. Everything’s still only in your hands and you decide what you wear and what you show on the webcam. Usual requests include a striptease, a close-up of the breasts and butt, playing with erotic toys, and over-the-webcam “live sex.” The model and the watcher obviously don’t meet; everything is through the internet only. However, you can stay completely clothed on Bongacams.

Three years ago, I knew very little about live chat but I figured it out quickly; it’s very easy to get the hang of the basics. Plus, all the important information can be found at knowledge base.

Camgirl Monča

A simple pattern applies here. The better you can fulfill the erotic fantasies of paying members, the longer they watch you. That means you get a higher revenue and positive rating, which can help you get more people interested in a private show. Live sex chat is an erotic game for men. Well, mostly men—a woman or a couple can watch you as well. The goal of the game is to satisfy, entertain and relax. Erotic live chat is sometimes wrongly compared to prostitution or pornography. Believe me, it couldn’t be further from these. A model in front of a camera is her own boss and only she decides when she wants to work and where to draw the line. Plus, with time, some watchers pay for a private show simply to chat with the girl. And that is, aside from high earnings, the main reason live chat is the most sought after and safest job for women in the field of erotica.

Thinking about Becoming a Camgirl?

Cam Girl online via webcam

It isn’t always easy to decide to become a webcam model. One of the biggest obstacles can be fear of how your partner and family will react, shyness, fear of the audience on the erotic chat, and fear of the unknown. Most of these obstacles can be solved by simply getting more information, and that is precisely why you’re on this website. Summarizing all the important information, including the advantages and disadvantages of webcam modeling, can help you make the right decision.

Most women who start thinking about joining sex chat have had bad experiences with work-from-home job offers and other false listings, which promise to make you rich with no effort required. It is often said to be fast and easy. Working as a Camgirl is a great way to make a lot of money, but you have to devote your time and energy for it to work. If you’re prepared for that, you are way ahead of the game, and you are in a great condition to make live chat a job that will earn you good money.

I joined live chat with zero expectations. I didn’t believe it could fully replace a regular job. I remember when I first received money in my account. That was when I first believed.

Camgirl Monča

On average, earnings from live chat are much higher than when filming an erotic production. Nowadays, they offer a one-time payment of a few thousand crowns per photo/filming session; castings pay no more than $ 200. It’s probably easy to agree that such sacrifice isn’t worth it for such a small amount of money. With effort and determination, you can earn hundreds of dollars on live chat every day.

If you’re still not sure whether to go for it and become webcam model, ask yourself one important question: Do you need to earn a little money in the short term, or are you looking for a long-term source of income with the possibility of earning even more with time? If it’s the first, then live chat isn’t the right thing for you. You can make a few hundred dollars doing any part-time job in any shopping mall. Streaming a live show three times and then calling it quits is silly and a waste of time. That’s not enough time to gain experience and know the wishes of the audience. Starting out requires preparation. On an erotic chat, you need to build an audience and get fans who will watch you regularly, which is impossible after only a few hours of getting to know how live streaming and private shows work.

I would never film porn. Getting two thousand crowns per scene is tragic and ridiculous.

Camgirl Monča

However, if you’ve decided to find a long-term source of income and to learn something, Webcam modeling is the perfect option for you. As you gain experience, you’ll get regular watchers, and making more money will become increasingly easier. The more time you spend on live chat, the more money you’ll make. That’s the way it works with almost every occupation, and it sure works that way in this case. Streaming regularly and being online for longer periods of time pays off. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t start making money on sex chat right away. Just make a decision and go for it! The best Camgirls are hugely popular and earn enough to make most managers with university degrees jealous.

Am I the Right Girl for the Job?

Doubting oneself is an inherent human trait, and maybe that’s why you’re thinking about whether you’re the right girl for a Camgirl job or not. Do a short test; it is a real eye-opener. It asks the 3 most substantial questions. You’ll find out how well you’re suited to be a webcam model.

1) Will Your Looks Catch the Live-Chat Audience’s Eye?

Webcam show isn’t a fashion show of the latest Victoria’s Secret collection. You don’t have to have the body of a model, and you definitely don’t have to be a blue-eyed blonde who’s had several plastic operations. Men on sex chat have different tastes. You can make money as a Camgirl whether you’re a brunette or a blonde, whether you have large breasts or not, whether you’re little or obese or whether you’re an Asian or a gypsy. You really don’t have to be the media portrayal of beauty. It doesn’t matter if you have large nipples, a distinctive labium, if you’re overweight, old, or whatever it is that makes you self-conscious. Thanks to the large audience on the Bongacams sex chat, there will always be someone who finds you sexy and attractive.

I am definitely far from perfect and I’m not a 90-60-90 kind of girl. It really bothered me when I first started streaming on the sex chat. Now I know it was pointless to be self-conscious.

Camgirl Monča

However, women, who do not take good care of themselves are not suitable for webcam model work. Your looks must catch the audience’s eye, so go for sexy clothes and bold make-up. Streaming is like a virtual date—you have to prepare for it. You have stand out and look attractive to the men. Nice underwear, neat hair and good make-up are the basics.

2) Can You Act Sexy Enough in Front of the Camera?

Sexy chat model

Many beginners can’t imagine dancing and undressing in front of the webcam. It’s all about experience and the ability to relax, which will come with the men’s first positive responses. You can act completely natural in front of the webcam. Some models on live chat sit and smile; others dance to their favorite songs or touch themselves in their underwear. Every man likes something different. Everyone finds different things sexy.

If the video isn’t clear enough or if you keep running off, fiddling with your phone or not paying attention to your watchers, it will definitely not be sexy. Also, avoid doing other things when on live chat. It is after all still a job, no matter how fun it may be.

3) Can You Really Turn on a Guy?

It’s not Superman who’s sitting on the opposite side of the live chat. It’s an average guy with the usual sexual fantasies and desires. He’s come to the live chat to have fun. Every woman has an inherent capability to turn on a man. That means you have nothing to worry about. Don’t be afraid to use your hidden weapons, to smile and to fulfill the desires of the one who’s watching you for money.

A man could have a hard time getting turned on if you ignore him on the chat. Pay attention to him in front of the camera and don’t do things that aren’t generally considered sexy. It might come as a shock to you, but some girls foolishly live stream while sick and then they’re surprised at why the constant coughing and blowing of their nose turned off their audience.

The Test Result

Do you understand all the above-stated reasons and answers? Do you agree with all the claims? Then you’re the right girl for a Camgirl job! Your looks, age and behavior are not important. If you follow a couple of basic rules and recommendations, you can’t go wrong. It’s important you understand who those in the live chat audience are and what they are looking for in a camera model. When you get that down, it all comes down to how much effort you’re willing to put in.

Do you want to make a lot of money and have men find you attractive? If you don’t. then another occupation might be more suitable for you, and you will want to look for a job out of the adult business. If you don’t want to be a camera model, then don’t push it, because you will end up feeling stressed and uncomfortable, which will prevent you from acting naturally on the chat.

A Camgirl: Who She Is and Who She Isn’t

A woman who fulfills sexual fantasies


Worldwide, there are a lot of myths and half-truths surrounding the women who work on live chat. Where does the truth lie? A Camgirl (sometimes called a webcam model) is a woman who makes money by online streaming on a sex chat. The chat is divided into two parts: a public, free one (free chat), where the woman usually only chats with men, and paid private shows for one watcher only (private chat). What happens in a private show stays in the private show. Live sex chat is an erotic game for adults. A Camgirl entertains men on this chat.

All communication is done through the internet and the woman is usually in her home when streaming. Some people think that a Camgirl automatically offers real sex for money. That’s not the case and that is shown in the following list with some important points.

A Camgirl is not:

  • A prostitute or a woman offering real sex for money
  • A desperate girl wishing to meet someone
  • A sex slave
  • A failed model
  • A porn star
  • A woman with psychological problems

Cam girls usually don’t do any other jobs in the field of erotica because the live chat revenue is more than enough. Therefore, they don’t have the need to offer real sex. Anyone can become a Camgirl, such as a student, a mother or a woman who simply wishes to change occupations.

I view myself as an adult entertainer. I entertain, flirt, and dance to my favorite songs. It has nothing in common with prostitution.

Camgirl Monča

A Camgirl is:

  • A virtual partner for men
  • An online seductress
  • A dancer
  • A free human being
  • A woman of any age

A woman on a sex chat has to be able to entertain the audience. That includes acting natural, smiling and looking interesting. She dances in front of the camera and invites watchers for a private show. In some cases, she also becomes a virtual girlfriend and wife. You must be over 18 to register.

When working as a Camgirl, you are absolutely free. You decide when you stream. There is no boss who tells you what to do. You always know exactly how much you earn. Live chat offers security, which other jobs in the erotica field lack.

Who Are the Sex Chat Members and Why?

It would be foolish to think that the only ones seeking titillating entertainment on the internet are sex maniacs and individuals with the need to sow their wild oats. Conversely, pornography and erotic chats are a common form of adult entertainment, even to those in relationships who have plenty of sex. In today´s stressful world, we look for a quick release and relaxation.

The average sex chat member is a middle-aged man who wants to have fun and realizes that such entertainment costs money. He´s not a pervert, as is confirmed by the confessions of men who are regular watchers. What is so exciting about sex chat and why do they keep coming there?

I discovered the live sex chat a few years ago by accident. I ended up on the website after clicking on some kind of an ad. It really wowed me how many beautiful women were in front of me. I watched them do their thing for hours with both my mouth open wide and my zipper undone. The reason live chat is great is that one never knows what is going to happen. Will she show her boobs? Will she start dancing? First, I just wanted to skip forward, but that is obviously not possible in a live chat. It keeps me in suspense and that is what I like about live chat. Catching the most interesting moments, convincing the girls and enjoying myself privately sometimes. If there is one thing I would recommend to new girls, it is to find something that will make them stand out. It can be something ridiculously small; it still does the trick for men.

Kamil (36 yo)

My girlfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship, so webcam sex is quite normal for us. I always enjoy it and I have to say that compared to how things are normally done, there really is something to it.  It must be clear now why I go to the live chat. There are plenty of babes, mature women including, who will make my every wish and desire come true. And my girlfriend? She doesn't see it as me being unfaithful; she´s great like that. I would really find it weird if she were jealous of a completely anonymous woman who is hundreds of kilometers away. She only warns me not to spend too much time on the chat.

Petr (28 yo)

I think the average watcher is a guy who´s simply bored at home. Regardless of whether or not he has a girlfriend. He just wants to jerk off, and live chat turns him on.


I have a very specific taste in women. I love all passionate chubby women who aren´t shy. A woman needs to have sex appeal and know how to move and be filled with sexuality. That honestly makes me come hard. I come to the live chat because there it is easy to find such pieces. In real life, chubby girls are often quiet and shy. But on live chat, they let go and show what's in them. I consider many of them to be interesting individuals and I admire them.

Michal (40 yo)

As you can see, most members on sex chat are regular men who are looking for some excitement. Live chat can give that to them with a click of the mouse. That very click is the source of your income and the reason why erotic chat is a great opportunity for women.

How Much Will You Make as a Camgirl? 

Cam Girl Online preview

The Camgirl job has numerous advantages but the numbers are what matter. We won't promise you a hundreds of thousands of dollars in a week after a few hours of chatting. However, the actual earnings are still quite appealing and with time, they can get up to what most of the population can only dream of.

The monthly wage is influenced by several elements. One of the most important ones is the time you put in. Popularity and regular shows are also very important. On a sex chat like, you set the rate per minute, from which you later get 30 to 80 percent. The rest goes to the chat service and its marketing, thanks to you constantly getting new members.

The average Camgirl earns about $1 per minute. You can have several private shows an hour, which can be only a couple of minutes long but can last up to dozens of minutes. It´s only up to you and your ability to win the audience over.

The average earnings of a new Camgirl are somewhere between $25 and $50 an hour. Some days might be worse, some days might be much better. How much will you make per month? That´s a simple equation you can solve yourself. During your first month of active streaming, you can make more than the average person in the regular job.

It took a few months before I started making over 50 thousand crowns a month ($ 2000). The more time I spend on the chat, the more money I make. That really motivates a person.


When you chat regularly, it's fairly easy to make over $3000 a month. Plus, the most popular live sex chat Bongacams pays out all the earnings every two weeks. That means you don't have to wait a whole month to get your money like it is with regular jobs. You´ll receive money in your account twice a month!

How can you earn even more? The attractiveness of the chat and the streaming quality is very important. You will also become more desirable if you offer more to the audience. An unusual sex show can keep your audience interested for a long time.

How Much Do Legendary Cam Girls Make?

There are celebrities and legends even among Camgirls. They have thousands of fans and regular viewers. Thanks to the high demand for their private shows, they can charge more and make even more money. Their earnings are truly a fantasy. Even though you're just beginning your journey, you can work your way to the top and become elite.

The top 3 models on have made over $1,000,000 since they started streaming. The so-called Million Dollar Babies club proves that buying a house with money made on live chat isn't fiction. From the start, the conditions and prospects for each woman are the same. It´s up to you to seize the opportunity and reach your goals. Watch popular Camgirls and learn.

I know girls who log in once and can stream a private show right away. They have fans who are willing to pay even the highest rate.

Camgirl Monča

All really successful women on the chat have one thing in common: they are hungry for success and sacrifice a lot of their time to create a profile. They are fully committed to the chat, they follow the member's feedback and try to keep improving their show and the streaming quality. They think about what more they can offer their members. They invest the money they make not only in their needs, but also in props and the surroundings they show on camera.

To an extent, Camgirls are a bit like freelancers. The best Camgirls are real businesswomen with a vision and strategy that help them make huge amounts of money on live chat. Each and every one of them has been in your position. Do you want to join the club of the successful? Do you want to join Million Dollar Babies?