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Success Is in the Head

When You Can't Succeed

Many websites and articles will promise you big money for little work. They'll try to convince you that it's easy to get started. But they're lying! It's easy to register and start streaming, but it's difficult to go on. The first weeks are the hardest for any cam model. You're in a new environment, you're trying to get over your shyness and you're finding out how private shows work. It might look as if you are doing poorly, and your earnings aren’t that high either (for logical reasons). If your expectations are unreasonably high, you'll be disappointed and you'll probably throw the sex chat out of the window. But that's a mistake!

The first few weeks will really not be anything miraculous, but it's about persistence. During your first month, you can make more that in a regular job. It comes down to whether you're able to step out of your comfort zone and get through the tough start. Success is connected to understanding the motivation of those who watch you. Read their messages, find inspiration in other Camgirls, and invest in being sexy.

Eight out of 10 girls give up during their first month. I naturally don't mind, but it's clear they were expecting something easy.

Camgirl Monča

You can't fall into the vicious cycle. What am I talking about? Failure influences the mood. You don't want to seem annoyed and angry when streaming. If a client sees you like this, he's not going to be interested in watching you. And that's why you won't have any money (again). Can you see the paradox? Try to keep your mood and motivation up. Don't set goals that take a long time to reach. Do you want to make $ 5,000 a month? Set little goals on the path to this amount of money. Aim for $ 1,000  the first month, $ 2,000  the next and get to $ 5,000 after half a year of regular streaming. Just have a look at how much the most famous Camgirls make. It took them time to become famous. They also experienced failure and had to deal with little interest from the visitors, but they managed to get through it and so will you.

Where to Find Motivation?

Self-discipline is the way to money

Model chats on sex chat

Making big money on sex chat is conditioned by regular streaming. Live chat is a work-from-home job. There's no boss there to set your working hours and to tell you how many clients you have to get for the private show. You don't have to set working hours at all. You decide if you want to work the whole weekend and take a break later or spend eight hours on the chat each day. However, all of these advantages can turn against you pretty quickly. How is that possible?

Without experience, it is very hard to find time to work for the average person. Naturally, we look for reasons to postpone our obligations. When no one controls us, we tend to make it easier on ourselves. And the solution? First, we need to find motivation—the reason why you need to do everything you need to do. Don't imagine the money itself; imagine what you can buy with it. It can be a new car, the dream family house or a trip around the world. It depends on what makes you happy. For some people, the feeling they can make enough money to buy anything they might need in their normal life is enough. Your happiness doesn't have to consist of things; it can be experiences.

I have to talk myself into it; it is especially hard in the summer. It's all about habit and what the sex chat provides me with. Thankfully, having money is quite addictive.

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Routine and discipline are the way to success. When working from home, building habits that will become a part of your life is the key. If you want to stream every day at a certain time, set an alarm and adjust your plans and other activities accordingly. It can be quite annoying in the beginning, but many women find themselves in the routine regime. You'll be happy to see that you're sticking to the plan, and you'll be even happier when you see your income increase.

With time, you can get tired, sick, or another event can mess with your plan. But do not despair, because sometimes it's necessary to refuel. Don't beat yourself up about something you couldn't change. It's important to get back to the chat and use the time when you rest to come up with new ideas.

What will my partner think of this?

The Live Cam Job

Relationships can be very complicated. Working in the adult industry is taboo and it's often complicated for a woman to combine her personal life with a job that includes taking her clothes off and keeping in contact with other men. On the other hand, you can't really be surprised. Most people can't even imagine their girlfriend paying attention to other men. Only a small percent of them tolerates their loved one working in the adult business.

But sex chat is a different story. You are in front of a camera and communicate through the internet, you're anonymous, you talk to strangers and you're in no danger of real-life contact. There's also almost no chance of building a deep emotional bond with any of them.

If you manage to explain everything to your partner and calm him down, you don't have to be afraid of the job interfering with your relationship. That, of course, also depends on how strong your bond is, but according to various research among Camgirls, their partners don't have a problem with tolerating the live chat after a while. Sometimes, they naturally get jealous, but it might be because of the fact that their girl devotes her time to her job.

If you are worried about what your partner will think about your decision, talk everything over with him ahead of time. You'll feel an enormous relief and you'll know where you stand. When you're streaming from your shared apartment, it can also be very complicated and frustrating to be hiding everything. That's why honesty is the way to go.

My boyfriend understands it. He is just not allowed to enter the room when I'm working. I'd probably be embarrassed in front of him. My personal life is important to me, and I don't want to get it tangled up with my job on the chat.

Camgirl Monča

The stories of webcam models whose partner joined them after a while are quite interesting. For example, also has many couples who stream, and they are very popular. But what to do when your partner disagrees or tries to protest? Ask him what his reasons are. Most of them can definitely be explained. Try mentioning how much you can make thanks to the sex chat and what you can contribute to the household budget; it might work as a good argument.

How Long Can Sex Chat Support You? 

Security all the way to pension

In every job, we ask ourselves how long we can do it and how long it will support us. Sportsmen and models are limited by age. They climb to the top and then someone younger takes their place. Therefore, it is worth thinking about whether it is possible to work on live chat long term. It may be hard to imagine, but it is!

When I see grandmothers on the sex chat, I know that I can keep doing this for the next 20 years, if I still enjoy it.

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Age isn’t a problem in sex chat. You’ll find mature women on Bongacams, including ones around the age of 60. In this case, their wrinkles get the attention of men who like experienced women. Every Camgirl’s profile shows her age. You definitely don’t have to lie about it. All age categories have their audience on live chat. The minimum age to become a Camgirl is 18; the operator verifies the age based on the copy of the Camgirl’s ID.

What’s great news is that you can start your webcam career of a chat beauty with no previous experience and whenever it suits you best. If you decide you want some extra money during your college studies, there’s nothing stopping you. If you’re looking for excitement and pension security at the age of 50, there are no obstacles either. No one will damn you because of your age on live chat. The age and experience of the audience from all over the world differ as well.

Sex chat will support you as long as you enjoy it. You don’t have to think about your age and say to yourself that it is too late. You can’t miss the boat with this work-from-home job. The popularity of live chat keeps growing, and there are more and more people who are interested in various types of women.