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First Time Live in Front of the Camera

First Streaming

A great adventure and a new experience

You easily registered as a webcam model, everything is ready to go, and you're preparing for your first live streaming. It's completely normal to be nervous in this case. It will take you some time to become confident. When starting out, you don't have to be afraid of a lack of interest from the audience. People are always interested in the newest women on sex chat; Bongacams allows the users to choose to search only for new models (in the promotion period).

The first contact with the audience will be an intense experience for you, and you'll experience something completely new. You'll soon find that most men on the chat behave surprisingly well. They'll compliment you and they'll want to meet you. You have to enjoy communication on the chat, because it is the message-sending and teasing that does the trick for the audience.

It was as if I suddenly had several horny boyfriends. Everyone wanted to talk and have fun.

Camgirl Monča
First time streaming live on webcam

Plan your premiere well so you have enough time for it. You don't have to spend the entire day in front of the camera, but the sooner you get accustomed, the better your earnings will be. You need to spend time online and gain experience. That is the only way it can become the source of your way-above-average income and entertainment.

Preparing well for the first streaming includes creating a script. Don't worry about changing it often and keep on improving it at first. The thing is, your first chats with the audience will be an experiment for you. You'll find out what works best on men in your case. You can try dressing up, and don't hesitate to take on different roles. With time, you'll find out what makes the paying audience interested the most.

Popular Categories and Roles

Experienced Camgirls style themselves according to the most watched categories and favorite roles. Or they choose categories with less competition. The live audience's desires are influenced by trends. If you get to know these trends and conform to them, you'll increase your chances of earning more when streaming from a webcam.

What type of girls and which categories are popular at the moment? On a long-term basis, the most watched categories are brunettes, blondes, big tits, and young girls between 18 and 20. If you don't fit any of these categories, don't worry. Other popular categories include chubby girls, women in uniforms and mature women. The minds of the live chat audience are very diverse.

Some of the most controversial categories include domination, BDSM practices, very obese girls and women with hijabs. When choosing a model, it is often true that the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest. Men look for what they don't have at home.

I think that girls who look like total bitches won't ever go out of fashion: tattoos, piercings, black hair and red lips.

Camgirl Monča

When working as a camgirl, it's important to follow trends, promoted categories and the recommendation of the operator. Popular erotic chat with the largest user base, divides models into several basic categories; one girl can be in more than one. For example, a mature brunette with big tits is in the brunette, big tits, and mature women categories.

Successful girls of are recommended based on their ratings and they are shown at the top of the main page, which is a great reward as well as promo for them. When you work your way up to the best Camgirls, you'll also get more attention. It is worth it to do faithful and quality work in front of the camera and to fulfill the viewers' requests.

Avoid These Mistakes

Find out why you're not doing well on the webcam show

We learn from our mistakes, but sometimes it's better to prevent them from happening in the first place. They influence how the audience views us. And then you're surprised at why the viewers react strangely, leave your chat and don't earn you as much money as they do other Camgirls. Here's a list of the 5 most common mistakes you could make as (not only) a new model on an erotic chat.

1. Not paying attention to the customers

You lose focus, just lay around in front of the camera, begin to fall asleep or fiddle with your phone and expect the customer to jump into your private show. If you're tired, don't live stream. In a chat, you have to put in energy, be alert and seize every opportunity. The customer doesn't enjoy watching a girl who's clearly bored. React to every message and question in the chat and try to be proactive. Chats are almost like theatre performances for models who make the most money.

2. Not taking good care of your appearance

Practically any woman regardless of size and age can be a sex chat model. The only condition is that they have to take good care of themselves. You have to look neat and be prepared for the stream. You won't impress anyone with bed hair and a t-shirt with sauce stains. And don't forget that an HD camera will show the tiniest imperfections. Use good quality make-up. And use more of it than you would in normal life.

3. Not using time to your advantage

Being successful in the webcam business is also about time-planning. The first thing you need to know is that men from the whole world come to the chat. Well, at least from those countries you'll allow on your profile. Those countries may be in completely different time zones. If you're online when it's 5 am where most of your potential customers are, you won't have customers. Work with time, plan everything ahead and don't login only for a couple of minutes.

4. Showing too much

Are your customers not interested in a private show? Are they reacting strangely? You might be showing too much. It takes experience to come up with the right strategy to attract people to your private show. If you undress too much, you'll satisfy the viewers' need without having to pay you. The same goes for revealing too much about your private life. Whatever happens, you should stay the mysterious mistress from the internet who doesn't share personal stuff and her problems.

It was a mistake to worry too much about how long a private show lasts. When I let things go naturally, I started getting much better ratings.

Camgirl Monča

5. You have a bad-quality stream

You need to keep your video and sound quality in check. A part of it is secure by the technology, but you have to take care of the rest. Nothing should be buzzing in the room you're filming in. Get some proper lighting for the chat so that the audience can see everything properly. Sexual arousal is based mostly on visual stimuli in this case. Vibrant colors and vivid images play into your hands.

All the above-mentioned mistakes decrease your sex-chat income and complicate your work. It's not difficult to avoid them if you put in enough effort. There are many other errors you could make, but these are the essential ones.

How to Attract People to Your Private Show

Verified and functional Camgirl strategies

Live Cam Girl on free chat

Private shows are your main source of income. They are your product and what your customers will keep coming back for. But how do you convince a viewer to pay for a private show? There are several open and functional strategies to stick with.

Give them a little taste

In the free chat, you can give visitors a little taste of what awaits them in a private show. Show a nipple “by accident” or let the dress reveal your crotch for a second while dancing. Don't hesitate to use close-ups, a little touch under the underwear here and there, wear half-see-through clothes or cover your body with your hands. Set up the mirror so that the reflection shows your bum. Teasing of this sort will really get the audience going. The mixture of curiosity and horniness will convince the viewer that it is worth it to invest in a private show.

Repeat the advantages

Never beg the audience to pay for a private show. You'll seem desperate. A much better strategy is repeating the advantages from time to time and describing the experiences awaiting the men in a private show. You can mention in the chat that you really feel like letting go today. Sometimes a viewer will help you by asking you in the chat to show something specific. That's when you respond by inviting him to join you in a private show. Using these opportunities really works well in practice.

I have this dance that works wonders on men. When I want to get someone to join a private show, I just need to play the right song and he's mine.

Camgirl Monča

Titillating Props

Is there a vibrator collection laying on your bed? Do you want to show off your new panties? Great, those are the props that really get the erotic fantasies going. You don't even have to hold them; they just need to be in the shot. Some more experienced Camgirls even have some sex machines in the room.

Never forget that your goal is to get the viewers to pay for a private show. Conversely, your goal is not to make the show last longer. Offer the man what he wants in private. That's the only way he will stay satisfied and keep coming back. It's not worth keeping him a few minutes longer and making him mad in the process.

You Have to Have Regular Members

Build a fan club!

After the first few chats, you find some visitors coming back. You caught their attention and they become fans or add you to their favorite girls. That's great news because building a fan club of regular viewers is the building block of your long-term success. Know that getting a new paying member is much harder than pampering a community of faithful admirers.

On Bongacams, any user can become the fan of any Camgirl. Thanks to that, he has access to premium content, exclusive priority on the chat, the possibility to send private messages cheaper, and other bonuses that other users don't have. That means a higher income and the security of knowing someone will always be interested in you.

How to get the most fans on live chat? Keep coming up with something new and stream regularly. You have to be sympathetic to the audience, turn them on and make them feel like you can provide them with new experiences every time. You'll have to invest in equipment, underwear and other props, but it pays off. Invest in the chat wisely and the fan community's feedback will be fantastic.

It makes me happy when one of my fans notice that I got a new corset or something. Men do notice and they appreciate every little thing on the live chat.

Camgirl Monča

What really attracts the fans is premium content. Create thematic collections of juicy photographs and later even invest in a better photographer and nudes. Almost every good Camgirl supplies their fans with new pictures and shots. You're an artist and the erotic fantasy of numerous men. You have to be seen and you have to know how to work with arousal.

If your fan club keeps growing, making money on the sex chat will become easier for you. Making a name for yourself can take up to a couple of months. The growing earnings will be your reward. Popular Camgirls who have a large number of fans can make over $ 5,000 a month. You can become one of them if you have enough courage and determination to work on yourself.