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When are there the most visitors online? How long is an average private show? How much time should I spend on the chat?

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Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Who exactly will be my employer and does it really work through the internet?

The sex chat is run by a Louxembourg company Duodecad IT Services Luxembourg S.à r.l. You’ll be working for the largest erotic live chat in the world,, which has been around for decades. Since its launch, it has had almost 100,000 registrations by people from all over the world. Those registered get paid reliably every 14 days through various methods.

What’s the best time to be online on sex chat? When is the audience largest?

Thanks to the different time zones, there’ll always be enough visitors. Over 1 million people from all over the world visit Bongacams chat each day. Generally, the most lucrative time to chat is when it’s the afternoon in the USA, approx. 9 PM to 9 AM CET.

How much time a day should I spend on sex chat?

The more time online, the better and faster you’ll work your way to the top. Based on the experience of other models, it’s best if you spend at least 3 hours a day online. The most successful models spend over 8 hours each day on the chat.

I am a man. Can I work on live chat as well?

Yes, you can. Men work on sex chat successfully as well. However, women and couples engaging in live sex are the most in demand; therefore, it is more beneficial for men to work in pairs with a partner.

How long does a paid private show last?

On average, a private show lasts about 10 to 20 minutes. However, it differs quite a lot; some visitors, especially the regular ones that have taken a liking to you, can stay and watch a paid show for as long as several hours.

How do I set the price for my show?

The majority of Bongacams models charge $2 to $3 per minute. Set the price after the end of the promotion period at $2 and try gradually increasing the price by $0.5 as the number of regular members grows. The price will also be automatically increased when you use VibraToy (by $1/min) or allow mutual sound (up to $2/min).

How well do I have to speak English?

English is the main language on the chat, but basics are enough. Communicating on the sex chat usually isn’t very complicated and the Chatting software chat program has a built-in translator.