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Interview with Monika

I’ve been streaming on live chat for over 3 years

Model Monika at live chat job

Information from behind the curtains, interesting observations and real earnings form the live sex chat. Monika, who’s been working as a Camgirl for over 3 years, shared all that in an interview. How did she get started and why is she planning on sticking with the job?

Monika, when did you first start thinking about working on the sex chat?

That must be over 3 years ago now. Working in the field of erotica always seemed tempting to me because of the money, but I decided I didn’t want to do anything rough right away. First, I wanted to work as a tantric masseuse, but I stopped liking it pretty fast. I felt tired and the men were too pushy. Also I started dating a guy, who I am still with today, at that time. I registered on the live chat after my friend recommended it.

Did you become successful right away?

Not by far, but that was because I chose the wrong chat; not too many people went there. Then I went to BongaCams and that is where everything began to change. I definitely recommend going through it and staying. Now, after a few years, I have regular viewers and fans who keep coming back. I know them and they know me.

What do you like and dislike about this job?

Ironically, it’s one and the same thing. Sometimes I think how great it is to make money by pleasing myself in front of a camera. I get turned on by the idea of someone on the other side of the world watching me. But some days can be annoying. When I do show after show, I have to fake being turned on. I can’t have 15 real orgasms a day. I’m not a lioness.

How much do you make and how much time do you have to spend on the chat?

I think I make about 80,000 crowns a month on average. My personal best is 215,000 in a month, but that was more of an exception. I live chat every day except for Sundays, usually for 4 to 5 hours a day. It’s not little, but it’s still better than having a regular nine-to-five job and an average income.

How well do you have to speak foreign languages?

I was really scared of that. When I first started on the chat, I only knew the basics of English from high school. I learned the specific vocabulary within a few weeks and that was enough for the shows. After three years of live chatting, I can have quite a complicated conversation with the clients on almost any topic. My English has gotten a lot better and I owe that to everyday chatting. It’s the perk of doing this job.

Do you plan on stopping at some point?

I really haven’t given it any thought. Chat makes me money and I can’t complain. I would also be very sad to throw away the profile I’ve built. It cost me a lot of work to get to where I am.

Thank you for all the interesting information and good luck. Is there anything you’d like to say to women who are thinking about becoming camgirl?

Of course, no problem. And not really, each one of them has to think it through for herself. Maybe I’d tell them not to be afraid when there’s no reason to be.

The Confession of a Webcam Model

Camming from home

Whether you’re thinking about becoming a Camgirl or not, you might be curious what it’s like to be one. We bring you the confession of a Camgirl who streams under the nickname BlackAngel (the name was intentionally changed), so you can create a picture about what her life is like. And what yours could be like as well.

Escape from Everyday Life

A girl streaming under the nickname Black Angel started working as a waitress in a Prague bar after high school. She lived with her boyfriend, but they broke up after a few years of dating. She also began having problems with her boss and they got so big that she decided to leave the job. She then stumbled upon an article online about a successful Camgirl, which excited her. “I said to myself: you’re single and you’ve never liked working as a waitress anyways, so why not try it?” said Black Angel. She registered and so began a series of new events.

Being Scared at First

“I was really scared the first day,” Black Angel recalled, “but the clients surprised me. They were nice and they were interested in my story; some of them paid just to talk to me about things other people find boring and ordinary.” She claims the majority of clients are regular people who are just a bit sad. And she helps them. “Most of the time I feel like I’m talking to my friends on Skype,” she added.

A Change for the Better

After five years of working on live chat, Black Angel realizes that her career in this field changed her life completely. “I became more confident, independent, and I started really liking my job,” she said. According to her, the job has many advantages: “I got to know my sexuality much better, and I didn’t pay enough attention to it before. I learned to say no and I don’t do things I don’t like. I also stopped judging people. I believe everyone has the right to live their life the way they want.” She had to deal with prejudice and disdain, but it helped her see who her real friends were.

Another Interview

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