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Things You Should Know Before You Get Started

Know-how: How to get ready for your first live show

No pain, no gain

Every new Camgirl should get the know-how on how to successfully work as a webcam model. That is what the knowledge base is for. It is the model textbook for beginners and a must-read for those who really want to succeed in the camming business. The information is arranged into the following chapters:

Without this knowledge, the job of Camgirl can be quite frustrating, so it's worth preparing well for the first chat! If you want to succeed on sex chat, you have to think about details and the overall attractiveness of what you're streaming for the audience. The technical needs are one thing; the artistic experience one gets from your show is the other. There is quite a lot of competition, so you have to prepare for each streaming.

The number of fans and regular viewers depends on whether they are liking what they see and hear. The surroundings you choose and stream from also play an important role. Your background shouldn´t draw too much attention. It is also important you realize they help complete the atmosphere. Streaming from a woodshed won't add to your sex-appeal. It's better to live chat from your bedroom. The surroundings should be elegant and simple. All you need is a white wall, a large bed, a few pillows and some luxury sheets. Move all the mess and personal things away from the camera; they are not suitable for a sex chat. When setting your scene, you can get inspired by popular Camgirls. They know exactly how a camera-ready room should look. It's also practical to have a large mirror as a part of your equipment.

You should have all the props necessary for the show next to you. It can be pieces of erotic underwear, massage oil, a collection of toys for adults or items adding attractiveness to the surroundings. It can be a simple lollipop or lipstick you can play with in front of the camera. And believe me, some viewers get really turned on by this and can't resist a private show.

I was nervous as hell before my first show. Then everything calmed down and I found out it came quite natural to me.

Camgirl Monča

You'll do much better on the chat if you prepare a suitable music playlist ahead of time. Music is very important. It will make you dance in front of the camera and some of your viewers will want to keep watching you. You can listen to whatever music you like best. Music should be energetic. If you choose a dance mix, you will want to keep moving.

Lighting is a very common problem. Shadows and dark shots are not appropriate for the chat. More experienced Camgirls use two individual reflectors, but an efficient lamp will do at first (or rather two of them set up just right). The goal is to achieve even lighting; your body should not be overly illuminated. The source of the light has to light the whole scene.

Do you think you don´t know what to do in a private show? It´s quite common to prepare a bullet-point script. You can turn to it any time you run out of ideas. A script allows you to keep your viewers in suspense.

How to Protect My Privacy?

Nobody needs to know

Camming basics

The level of protection of privacy should be one of the main criteria for choosing the platform for your live streams. Bongacams protects the privacy of their Camgirls carefully. The settings also allow you to ban certain countries from seeing you; you can block the audience from 3 selected countries completely. No one from your life will know you're a Camgirl on a sex chat. Your real identity is not published anywhere. The audience can only see your nickname (your stage name).

The live chat itself won´t give out any information about you, but that doesn't mean you need to keep quiet. If you truly want to keep your privacy, don't share information about yourself on the sex chat and don't tell your best friend about it. Believe me, the people in your immediate surroundings might get jealous of the profit you make. If you keep it to yourself, you'll be sure people won't constantly talk about it.

Privacy is the top priority. Make sure your family photos and such things aren´t in the shot. I don't even use my favorite clothes when I'm filming. I separate work from my personal life.

Camgirl Monča

You should also proceed with caution when streaming on a video chat. Don't tell the visitors too much information about the place you are filming to protect your privacy. If you have a roommate, don't forget to lock your door. That is the only way to prevent someone coming in the door in the middle of the show. If someone could see in through the windows, you should probably close the curtains. A private show is just that: private.

Do I Have to Understand Computers?

Streaming a video in real time to a large number of people from different countries is technically very complicated, but that's not your problem. All you have to do is install a simple software called Chatting software and turn on the webcam on a computer with a fast internet connection. All the rest is up to the operator. He provides the program and the platform.

The initial set-up is very simple and you can do it even if computers and technology are a mystery to you. Getting everything to work is no more complicated than creating a profile on Facebook.

I don't understand computers at all, but I figured out how to do everything instantly. And that was a few years ago, when it was more complicated to register than it is now.

Camgirl Monča

Even the cheapest laptops fulfill the technical requirements of the live-chat program, and so you don't have to invest in expensive equipment. But don't hesitate to spend a little on fast internet and an HD webcam. Only use the built-in laptop camera until you make enough money to buy a better one. You can buy a quality brand cam for less than $100. That's a minor investment considering that the webcam plays the most important role when it comes to the quality of the chat. Professional webcams with remote control, zoom, automatic focus and a mic for minimal noise sound transmission can cost up to $1,000 , and that is what you should spend your first earnings from camming on. The quality of your show improves with such a camera. The visitors want high quality shots, details, and to see your body from different angles. Plus, working with such a camera is more comfortable for you.

All you need to do is to turn on the program along with the webcam and you're streaming straight from your home and without any worries. If you did run into any complications, some high-quality live chats will help you set everything up. On, there is a non-stop technical support, where they'll gladly help you solve all sorts of problems. You don't have to be a tech geek to get the live chat working.

Watch Popular Camgirls

Part-time job on sex chat

Find inspiration first

Sometimes even a detailed introduction of the live sex chat and its basic principles isn't enough for you to clearly imagine how it works when chatting with men. Before you start streaming yourself, you might want to spend some time watching other Camgirls in action. You can think of it as Live Streaming 101.

There are plenty of women entering the live chat and trying to get visitors' attention. Try to put yourself in a man's shoes and remember what you found interesting when looking for a Camgirl. Was it her picture? Did you choose a specific category? It's different for everyone, but you can definitely draw inspiration from some procedures and tips of more experienced Camgirls.

I had the most success with a colorful photo and a good-girl look. I stood out among all the naked girls. But different things work for different people.

Camgirl Monča

When watching girls on a webcam, notice how they move, what they're wearing, how their scene is set, and how they communicate with the audience. It's important to see through the flirting strategies, which they use to interest people in their private show. The ability to get a paying viewer decides how much you'll make on live chat.

After watching Camgirls for a while, you'll know some popular parts women like to take on. Even webcam shows are subject to fashion trends, which you can use to your advantage. A sense of humor and playfulness will also score you some bonus points. The girls wear various costumes, they wear eccentric make-up, and they are overall not afraid of standing out. On Christmas, you can dance to Christmas carols wearing a Santa hat; in the summer, you can put on a tiny bikini, sexy sunglasses and turn on a fan. Be creative, just like other successful Camgirls. If you manage to be different, you'll have a great advantage. Some male visitors are turned on by chastity and the look of the girl next door; others will be wowed by dominant bosses in miniskirts.